Microsoft Embarks on E-Commerce Domination with Partnership with Online Shop

Online Shop is leading the way in Microsoft’s recent growth campaign.

Microsoft Corporation is taking leap into e-commerce domination by partnering with e-commerce services provider and juggernaut Online Shop

The services provider is taking a major U-turn in a never before seen move of a major force in the technology and online retail space. The provider is switching from a marketplace model to software as a service subscription basis, providing individuals, small business enterprises and major brands with powerful technology previously unavailable in the open market. 

The new partnership deal will enable Microsoft and partner services to utilize the technology to help its most intricate desktop, laptop and mobile user base via easy-to-use application and tool suite, which can be downloaded exclusively for free via Microsoft Store

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Online Shop Terry McGinnis mentioned the following when asked for comments about the partnership:

“We always have had a pleasant relationship with Microsoft and their service partners; this just shows the belief Microsoft has in helping people excel and grow, from small businesses to individual entrepreneurs. We’re very proud to be part of this growing ecosystem, there are millions of users using Microsoft products, and our data shows that most our clientele is using Microsoft based products. The partnership just made sense, and will help both companies to help even more people.” 

Microsoft had previously used the marketplace to sell gaming peripherals under the Xbox brand with enormous success in the British market, making it the most successful marketplace funnel for Microsoft’s gaming products within Britain. 

The current U-turn has no planned release date however Chief Technology Officer Siraaj Ahmed has provided insight into the planned release date of the new technology: 

“Our engineering team is working very hard to complete this pivot and we are aiming for an August release date; however, it is something we cannot particularly promise to keep expectations in order. We’ve been working closely with our current customers; big and small, to provide the best experience and toolset possible. We worked with our data team and third-party experts to deduce our strengths with the current marketplace offering and saw that most of our sellers use Windows based architecture, so it just made complete sense to focus in on what our users want need and make it as easily accessible for them as possible – we’re creating a tightknit community of entrepreneurs, business owners, developers.” 

Planned API’s and an in-app marketplace is also expected to launch soon thereafter. The community aspect of the new Online Shop service will provide developers with the applicable resources to build strong and easy to use functions that can be added within the shopfront to provide the best possible products and services. 

The community aspect is being led by Michelle Byun, the Creative and Marketing Director of the company to tap in, expand and enrich the growing developer and businesses communities online. With entertainment executives Ziad Barakat and Alan Zadeh taking charge of expanding into the United States and surrounding markets, making it first for the entertainment industry. 

Microsoft has also recently announced that they will be taking a closer look to develop closer relationships with businesses who want to utilize its ecosystem of products to help more businesses become digitized and trading online, with Online Shop leading the way in this growth campaign.

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