5 Factors To Consider While Choosing A Domain Name

Points that can assist you in making a great choice for your website.

A website has a significant impact on your work. Site owners can attract more people to their site if it is interesting. On the other hand, a below-average webpage will never grab the audience’s attention. To make a good website, you require a domain name. It’s the first step in making your website a success. Whether you are starting a personal blog or need to create a fully functional website for your e-commerce site, having a powerful domain name is a must. The first impression matters the most. That is why most experts ask you to spend a good amount of time selecting a domain name. It’s crucial for instant business success. 

Some individuals believe they can change their names later on, but it is harmful to their business. Your domain name reflects your work. Making changes afterward might confuse the audience. Thus, select a perfect domain name at the start. The selection process seems a bit intimidating, but it isn’t. With a few tips, you can easily pick the best option for your website. The following points can assist you in making a great choice. 

The .com Extension:

Your domain name has a .org, .com, or any other extension. Amongst all options, the .com option is the most popular one. You might think that extensions don’t make a difference, but they do. The .com extension is known worldwide. Moreover, it is easy to remember. 

Most people type .com with every website they search. If your website doesn’t have a .com at the end and the user accidentally types your website name with a .com, it will show an error. Hence the user will not be able to reach your page. To avoid confusion, having a .com extension is much better than any other alternative. For example, Windows 10 is the most preferred platform amongst all operating systems because it’s technologically advanced and popular. Similarly, in website extensions, .com is the most used one. It’s safer to have this option.

Easy to Pronounce and Short 

Do not try to overdo your domain name. Your website’s domain name reflects your work, so make sure it is easy to memorize. If people do not remember your name, they will not be able to reach your page. Having a short and precise domain name is more effective. 

Most people even recommend others to not exceed 15 characters when choosing a domain name. Long names can get website creators into a lot of trouble. Every person on the internet doesn’t have a sharp memory. If they can’t remember your name, they won’t view your page.  

Similarly, before choosing a name, make sure it is easy to pronounce. The most popular websites are the ones that are easy to pronounce. Individuals even remember spellings through pronunciation. It’s easy to lose traffic because of lengthy and complex domains names.  

Make Sure a Name is Available:

Before selecting a domain name, check whether it is available in the market or not. Often, website owners decide on a particular webpage but later find out that it is unavailable. So, check the availability of a name before starting. Using an already trademarked domain name is illegal and can land you in trouble. 

If a domain name of your choice is available, quickly register it. Even a second’s delay could prove harmful. As soon as you decide, use the help of a domain brokerage to finalize matters. 

Avoiding Numbers and Hyphens: 

As told before, domain names should be short and precise. When coming up with a name, make sure that it doesn’t have any hyphens or numbers. Domain names need to be simple so that users can remember them. Having hyphens or excessive numbers might confuse the client. These are distractions that might cause typing errors. People do not always remember to put hyphens and numbers in the URL, so avoid them wherever possible. 

The tougher you make it for the client to remember your domain name, the lesser they visit your page. Do not lose a potential audience because of an impulsive decision. Keep all kinds of numbers, hyphens, and other symbols out of your domain name. Try to go with letters and words wherever possible. Even double letters create unnecessary confusion.  

Using Something Relevant to your Business:

Instead of picking random names, try to incorporate your brand essence into your domain name. Create a domain name that compliments your work. If you use a name that hints about your products and services, it will be more successful amongst the audience. People will get an idea about your brand from your name. 

Self-explanatory names do wonders for an average website. If the user knows what you do, he will click on your webpage. Using keywords relevant to your work helps increase the traffic on your page. However, do not use lengthy words. Lengthy and complex keywords will cause more harm. So, create a name that hints at your identity.

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