Kandima, A Resort That Is Making Waves On The Internet

Many guests put Kandima on their bucket list after visiting the Maldives.

Kandima has been the subject of many mommy blogs, influencer posts, and Youtube videos. They have their own share of fans – all four hundred and forty four thousand of them on Instagram alone. Their boardwalk, Bali beds, and scenic views have been featured on hundreds if not thousands of pictures that have been posted on social media and their popularity isn’t about to wane anytime soon and here are some of the reasons why. 

Guests are eager to return to Kandima

There are so many guests that put Kandima on their bucket list after visiting the Maldives because they want to experience their relaxing and enjoyable stay once more. That speaks more volumes about the resort than the hordes of new guests that are planning to visit… Because returning guests are a benchmark of what Kandima is doing right. 

“We cannot wait to return to Kandima,” gushed a family, “We have always wanted to visit Maldives and we’re so glad we chose Kandima. Not only did our kids have a blast at the kid’s club, there are just so many activities to do. You can be a foodie or an adrenaline junkie, this place has everything that your heart desires.”

They have their own wild pod of Dolphins that frequent Kandima waters

Nothing brings the same kind of joy as seeing free and wild animals in their natural habitat, simply enjoying themselves. The novelty of having their own pod of dolphins out and about is exciting and quite memorable in itself. However, if you want to ensure you do see dolphins, you can also sign up for their boat tour that will bring you around the area so you can view them in their full glory. But many guests have reported dolphin sightings around the resort.  

Kandima is home to the largest pool and kid’s club in Maldives

You might think that having the largest pool is nothing to shout about, considering the fact that there’s crystal clear waters all around the resort… but the kid’s club, named Kandiland, is definitely out of this world. Not only is it filled with all sorts of play areas, the caretakers are all professionally trained… Kandiland is basically a daycare filled with joy and hands-on learning experiences. Plus, you can save yourself a walk in the sun by requesting that the caretaker bring your children straight to your room, restaurant, or pool! That’s completely unheard of – plus, it’s free for children above the age of four. There, they can engage in activities such as painting, baking, or just plain ole play. 

Forget world class service, Kandima is home to happy staff

Happy guests is one thing, but staff that is completely enamored with the resort and everything it stands for is something else entirely. Guests who have been to the resort have reported that the love that Kandima’s staff has for the resort is genuine and inspiring. They are truly delighted to be working at Kandima which helps foster a sense of community within the resort so that guests arrive feeling right at home.

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