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Worldwide, live streaming has transformed multiple digital experiences, from gaming to shopping to making money.

Live content is the new king. Worldwide, live streaming has transformed multiple digital experiences, from gaming to shopping to making money. The idea behind live streaming is to place remote viewers in immediate proximity to their favorite content, allowing them to interact with others, make purchases, subscribe, and more.

Live streaming technology is highly advanced, which means that the most robust platforms have come from established social media and entertainment giants. In terms of functionality and freedom, platforms like Twitch, Facebook Live, TikTok Live, and similar brands can’t be beaten. But for now, let’s take a look at another metric of success: innovation.

Beyond the scope of live streaming giants, which apps are pushing this type of content into new territory?

Live Streaming for Sports Betting

Let’s take a look at a unique case study of live streaming within the sports betting realm. Live betting allows sports fans to wager on games as they unfold before them—and the best live betting experiences also include live streams of the match. This allows bettors to watch the game and wager on lines as they shift with each play.

For example, a bettor who wants to take advantage of a new Bet365 bonus code might funnel the offer toward live betting, which is hugely popular. By utilizing offers such as free bets, deposit bonuses, and early payouts, and combining this with the live streaming experience, punters can get even more out of match day.

Though not nearly as well-known as Facebook Live, live sports betting showcases how the functionality of live streaming transcends the bounds of social media. In keeping with this thought, let’s explore some of the coolest live-streaming apps on the market and what they do differently.

Tango, Collab Streams

Tango started out as a calling and messaging app but is now one of the most collab-friendly streaming services in the world. Streamers can easily team up with others on the platform, and even interact with subscribers by playing games. Behind the collaborative aspect is Tango’s wide range of streams, from musicians to fashion gurus to golfers. That range is part of what makes Tango so magical.

EventLive, Privacy & Accessibility

EventLive puts its focus on privacy and accessibility—a unique combination. The app works by allowing streamers to invite viewers via a private link, which mitigates copyright issues related to music and other art forms. In other words, using the private link gives the creator freedom because it’s within a private domain rather than a public one. In terms of accessibility, EventLive allows viewers to join without creating an account. Though this means EventLive isn’t great for building an audience, it does make it way more accessible for anyone burnt out from facing yet another registration form.

Switcher Studio, Real-Time Editing

Despite the fact that live streaming could theoretically take viewers anywhere, most streamers stick to their at-home setup. With Switcher Studio, however, streamers can dive into the action thanks to real-time editing features. These features make it easy to edit their streams live—even from a mobile device that isn’t using any extra gadgets. However, this app is only available for iOS devices, which means it isn’t very accessible. Similarly, remote streamers might face latency issues depending on what type of connection they have.

Uscreen, Monetizing Creativity

Let’s move into the realm of creative streaming. While streaming has usually been focused on entertainment, some professionals have started to use live streaming to monetize their expertise, specifically through memberships. Uscreen is a fantastic streaming solution for creators of all stripes, especially those who already have their branding figured out and their subscription tiers set. Using a clean interface, Uscreen makes it easy for streamers to monetize their subscriptions and for followers to join and interact on the platform.

Brightcove, Analytics

Uscreen puts the power in the creator’s hand—but Brightcove is all about taking that concept and expanding it for large companies. The goal for Brightcove is to allow companies to use their experience and expertise to capture their client’s attention. On top of offering robust live streaming and subscription features, Brightcove also focuses on video analytics, allowing companies to see which aspects of their live streams are performing best.

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